1/4" x 5 ft, New Sahinler Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll Model MRM-H 1550-150

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New SAHINLER Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll, Model MRM-H 1550 - 150


            MRM-H Plate Bending Rolls are initial-pinch type, easy to operate and moderately priced.  The frames are

            amply sized welded steel to assure rigidity and stability.  The SAE 1050 steel rolls with high tensile strength are                 

            induction hardened to 56 - 60 HRC. The upper and lower front rolls are driven by brake-motor through a heavily             

            proportioned planetary gearbox.  The brake-motor provides rapid stopping of rolls rotation.  To clamp and drive

            the plate, the lower roll is easily hydraulically adjusted from the control console.  To bend the plate, the rear roll,                  

            journaled in roller bearings, is also hydraulically adjusted.  The drop end is hydraulically operated to allow the

            bent material to be taken out of the machine.  The upper front roll is designed with a support system.  A hydraulic           

            system built into the base of the machine supplies power for the roll adjustments and drop end operation.  A cone

            bending attachment is standard equipment, and the rear roll can be hydraulically tilted to facilitate the cone rolling        

            procedure.  Controls for all functions are mounted in a movable control console which allows the operator to

            position himself for convenience and ease of operation.  Two electronic digital readouts show the positions of the       

            adjustable rolls, have programmable roll position pre-set and memory and are mounted in the control console.  A       

            manual central lubrication system is standard equipment.  Emergency-stop wires are mounted at the front and rear

            of the machine and an emergency- stop palm button is also provided.  Electric and hydraulic components are from

            well-known international companies.  The machine is built according to stringent European Community standards

            and bears the CE mark.  Two Operating Manuals are supplied with the machine.


      Capacities based on steel up to 38,000 PSI Yield Strength:

           - Circular Bending to diameters 5 times upper roll diameter and larger        5’ x 1/4"

           - Circular Bending to diameters 1-1/2 times upper roll diameter and larger 5’ x 5/32"

           - Prebending to diameters 5 times upper roll diameter and larger              5’ x 5/32"

           - Prebending to diameters 1-1/2 times upper roll diameter and larger              5’ x 10 Ga.

              With prebending, resulting flat ends are 1-1/2 to 2 times plate thickness or less.

              Proportional capacities in other material, widths and thicknesses.

              Cone bending capacity is 50% of each length and thickness capacities. 


            Overall bending length - 61”

            Diameter of the front rolls - 5.91”

            Diameter of the rear roll - 5.12”

            Rolling speed, FPM - 19-1/2

            Motors HP – 3 & 1

            Dimensions, approximate, L x W x H - 130” x 38” x 44”
            Weight - approximately 4400#

Standard Equipment:

            Heavily proportioned, welded-steel frame for rigidity and stability.

            Brake-motor for rapid stopping of rolls rotation.

            Hydraulically powered adjustment of the rear roll, lower front roll and drop end.

            Induction hardened rolls.

            Grooves in rolls for 3/8”, 1/2” and 5/8” round bar.

            Cone bending attachment; rolls tiltable to facilitate cone rolling.

            2 - Electronic digital readouts for the positions of the rear (bending) roll and the lower front roll, each with

              preset feature.

            Hydraulic system with motor and controls mounted in the machine frame.

            Electrics for 3/60/220/440. 

            Movable control console.

            Low voltage at the control.  Emergency stop control. Safety cables at front and rear of machine.

            2 - Operating Manuals/Parts List in English.

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