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Federal Equipment Hosts Laser Technology Seminar.

Federal Equipment hosted an informative seminar on May 9th at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Federal partnered with Mazak Optonics Corp. to discuss Five Laser Technology Trends specific to the fabrication industry. Mazak, a leading manufacturer of advanced laser-cutting solutions including CNC controls and automation systems, spoke about how they are successfully addressing consumer needs. Mazak’s smart automation provides users with increased safety, speed and production while reducing the overall cost. Mazak has made a strong commitment to helping companies meet application development challenges and to educate the industry on the impact of emerging laser technology.

One of many awe-inspiring air crafts being showcased at the museum. Attendees were given access to tour the grounds.

The seminar was led by Ron Shuster, Federal Equipment President, and Erin Chasse, Mazak Regional Sales Manager. The agenda included Five Laser Technology Trends:

1. Higher power increases performance and throughput.

2. High-pressure shop air cutting reduces cost-per-part.

3. New nozzle technology lowers gas consumption and increases cut speed.

4. Laser automation adds flexibility and capacity.

The seminar included a breakfast buffet and a one-hour presentation which comprised of big-screen visuals as well as a Q & A session.

5. 3D laser-cutting meets the needs of growing structural steel utilization.


Mazak also spoke about the benefits of their 2D and 3D Lasers.  Many of Mazak’s 2D designs integrate intelligent functions that automate the setup of the machine, reducing operator dependency and facilitating the use of automated material handling solutions. The development of 3D laser cutting machines has significantly reduced the processing time for many applications cut with traditional technologies. The extensive range of capabilities makes these machines ideal for many industries and applications.

For more information on cutting-edge lasers and how they can benefit your business, give Federal Equipment a call at 631-467-9400 or email Ron at

By Darlene Spielman, Marketing Manager, Federal Equipment