3.54" Diameter x 61.02", NEW CT-Sahinler Power Bending Roll Initial Pinch – Model MSM 1550-90


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NEW CT- Sahinler Power Bending Roll – Initial Pinch – Model MSM 1550-90

              Model Number MSM 1550-90

              The capacity in mild steel is 5’ x 14 ga.


              The machine has the following features:

                              Cast iron frames for rigidity and stability     

                              Brake-motor for rapid stopping of rolls rotation

                              Upper and lower rolls driven

                              Lower and rear rolls adjustable

                                          SAE 1050 Quality Certified Steel rolls with high tensile strength

                              Convenient hand wheels for adjustment

                              Upper roll swings out for removal of completed cylinder

                              Locking device keeps the roll in position during rolling

                              The rear roll can be readily tilted to facilitate cone bending

              The machine has the following specifications and standard equipment:

                              Diameter of all rolls – 3.54”

                              Overall bending length – 61.02”

                              Rolling speed – 19-1/2’ per minute

                              Motor HP – 1-1/2

                              Electrics 3/60/220/440.  Low voltage at the controls.

                              Moveable foot control on a trailing lead.  Emergency stop button on the control.

                              Emergency stop wire at front and rear of the machine.

                              Cone bending attachment.

                              Rolls grooved for three sizes of round bar:  3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”.

                              Scale to indicate position of the rear roll.

                              Dimensions, L x W x H (approximate): 70” x 28” x 48”

                              Weight – approximately 1,500 lbs

FOB: Maryland