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Hydmech steel laser

Hydmech #1 Choice

First place 2 years in a row! Hydmech is pleased to be voted the number one sawing manufacturer by Metal Center News, 2 years in a row.

  1. Hydmech– Hyd-Mech Group Ltd., Woodstock, Ontario: double miter band saws, horizontal band saws, horizontal pivot band saws, vertical tilt-frame band saws, CNSC carbide saws, circular cold saws, material handling,
  2. Amada– Amada Machine Tools America Inc., Schaumburg, Ill.: carbide circular saws, vertical band saws, horizontal band saws, horizontal miter-cutting band saws, horizontal pulse-cutting band saws, blades, milling machines, grinders,
  3. Behringer– Behringer Saws Inc., Morgantown, Pa.: horizontal band saws, horizontal miter band saws, vertical plate saws, hack saws, circular cold saws, structural fabricating equipment, material handling,
  4. Cosen– Cosen Saws USA, Charlotte, N.C.: general purpose and specialty band saws for cutting bar, plate, structurals, billets in manual, semi-automatic, automatic and NC programmable modes,
  5. Marvel/Spartan– Marvel Manufacturing Co. Inc., Oshkosh, Wis.: vertical tilt-frame band saws, horizontal scissor-style band saws, horizontal post-style saws, carbide circular saws, vertical contour saws, horizontal billet saws, horizontal mitering saws, vertical plate saws, ironworkers, bundle cutting saws, blades,
  6. Peddinghaus– Peddinghaus Corp., Bradley, Ill.: band saws, miter-cutting saws, thermal cutting systems, drill lines, plate processors, ironworkers,

  7. HE&M Saw Inc– HE&M Saw Inc., Pryor, Okla.: band saws in vertical, horizontal pivot, horizontal miter, dual column, wide flange, plate and CNC carbide configurations, metalworking fluids, material handling equipment,
  8. MetlSaw— MetlSaw, Benicia, Calif.: a manufacturer of precision metal sawing machines and automation for industrial use,

  9. (Tie) Kasto—KASTO Inc., Export, Pa.: automatic and semi-automatic band saws, hack saws, circular saws and related material handling equipment, BTM—BTM Metal Cutting Bandsaws, Woodstock, Ontario: dual column, dual column miter, scissor type band saws, specialty machines,