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Automation in the Metal Fabrication Industry

In the metal fabrication industry today, machines are becoming more and more automated.  Automation reduces the need for
manpower or handheld operation so that companies can keep up with the need for mass production.  Federal Equipment offers the very latest in automated equipment as well as a large inventory of manual equipment to support the diverse needs of many industries and their specific requirements.

Federal Equipment is proud to distribute the following innovative products produced by the leading manufacturers in the industry. Mazak Optonics Corp. and SafanDarley are two cutting-edge manufacturers that offer state-of-the-art automation and “smart” solutions in machinery. Vero Software builds manufacturing software for the design and manufacturing industry and features RADAN products which provide software solutions to the metal fabrication industry.

Mazak Optonics Corp.

Mazak Optonics Corporation is a leader in the manufacturing process of advanced laser-cutting solutions including CNC controls and automation systems.  The benefits of laser automation are profound. Automated machinery can result in a 50% increase in production and capacity as well as a significant reduction in lead times as compared to standalone machines. Automation systems have the capacity to continue production with lights-out operation, without the burden of adding manpower. It also makes one-piece flow more practical, while producing short-run efficiencies that will reduce non-value-added fabricating time.

Mazak’s iSMART Factory Solution connects machines to a network where the data is displayed in a readable and visual format. Since electronic data may be prone to threats including malware, spyware, and ransomware, keeping this data secure is vital. Mazak cleverly developed the SmartBox for this purpose. Mazak SmartBox provides advanced cybersecurity protection that gives factory owners and IT departments confidence to digitally integrate their manufacturing operations.  It includes a state-of-the-art Cisco networking platform and Layer3 Managed Switch, industrialized for the factory environment, that prevents unauthorized access to communications taking place between the machines and the equipment within the network. The SmartBox will work with and monitor data from any machine regardless of make, model or age.

Mazak Optonics also offers the latest in wearable smart technology, known as Mazak SMART Glasses. These glasses enable a Mazak Service technician to remotely view what your laser operator sees by utilizing telepresence technology. By using this wearable technology, Mazak can facilitate diagnostics and a possible issue resolution quickly and effectively without the need to send a service technician to your facility.


SafanDarley uses the latest technology to pave the way for smarter manufacturing in the Smart Industry. Smart Industry is a method that gives the manufacturing industry more clout by maximizing the use of the latest information and technological developments. This is successfully achieved through digitization and linking of devices, production resources, and organizations, thus creating a new, integrated method of manufacturing. Partnering with SafanDarley results in the more efficient and more flexible manufacturing of high-quality and tailor-made solutions. Smart manufacturing also means improved “OEE”, or overall equipment effectiveness.

Metal Fabrication IndustrySafanDarley is the leading global specialist in developing and constructing press brakes and shears for sheet metal and plate. The new SafanDarley E-Brake is further optimized to take maximum advantage of the high acceleration and other favorable servo-motor characteristics. The E-Brake is not only very fast in the rapid approach stage, but also throughout the entire cycle. In comparison tests, the SafanDarley E-Brake has shown to be up to 30% faster than a conventional press brake.

Vero Software

Vero Software is a world leader in CAD/ CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery. Vero develops and distributes software that supports the design and manufacturing processes, providing solutions for the tooling, production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication, stone, and woodworking industries. Vero Software features world-renowned brands including Radan.


Radan is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading PC based CAD CAM software solutions for the sheet metal cutting industry. It offers a unique combination of applications for punching, profiling, bending, design and production management for sheet metal fabrication where efficiency and material utilization are a top priority. With Radimport, geometry files are automatically converted to tooled Radan parts. With the same mouse click, your selection of geometry files can be converted to a nest project. Radan continues to advance its software to meet industry needs. With the latest 2018 release, Radan includes new functionality giving users a greater degree of manual control where flexibility is required for certain aspects of their individual production processes.

Federal Equipment is proud to represent and distribute all of these innovative products for the metal fabrication industry. For more information about these technologically advanced products and the benefits that they can bring to your business, contact Federal Equipment at 631-467-9400 or visit our website at

By Darlene Spielman, Marketing Manager, Federal Equipment