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PRESS BRAKE SAFETY – Safety Solutions For The Metal Working Industry.

Federal Equipment is proud to represent and distribute highly advanced safety systems for the metalworking industry including Press Brake Safety’s AKAS® IIF Laser Protection System. Headquartered in Zionsville, Indiana, Press Brake Safety has supplied metalworking machinery safety systems throughout the U.S. and Canada for 19 years and is a leading industry advocate for press brake operator safety. PBS is the exclusive North American importer of Germany-based Fiessler AKAS® Laser Safety Systems, the most sophisticated press brake safety systems in the world. They also provide complete maintenance, service and training to its users. This helps ensure that you will have the information needed to utilize their systems safely and effectively.

The Fiessler AKAS Press Brake Safety System is designed to keep your operators safe while operating press brakes. Fingers, hands, arms and other appendages can be injured or lost due to unsafe press brake operation. To prevent these accidents, Fiessler Elektronik has developed the patented Retrofit AKAS® IIF Press Brake Safety System. This innovative finger protection device for press brakes, focuses on the prevention of a finger or hand being squeezed between the punch and the inserted sheet metal. A transmitter and receiver are fixed to opposite sides of the ram allowing the laser to naturally follow the upper forming tool. This optical safety laser safeguards the area beneath and in front of the tool, so the dangerous movement is stopped as soon as a part of the body reaches into the safety laser.

The exclusive box bending feature benefits operators when making complex parts, yet system safety is maintained and die zone guarding is not compromised. The optical safety laser pattern of the AKAS® is located at the punch tip and another nearby beam and work together to prevent the trapping of body parts between the moving ram and fixed tools.

In addition, you can change over from one punch size to another with virtually no down-time due to the exclusive patented AKAS® automated “smart sense” self-aligning feature. This speedy automated alignment saves hours of labor, making work time more productive. (Other alignment methods on the market, require adjustments by hand, which requires more time & patience and can result in an increase in labor cost).


PBS’ Press Brake Safety Video features the benefits of the AKAS Laser Guard System for all types of Press Brakes. Avoid operator error, improve productivity and most importantly, avoid injuries!

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. OSHA’s role is to ensure these conditions for America’s working men and women by setting and enforcing standards. PBS offers light curtains, laser guards, laser scanners and safety control systems to meet these standards.

The AKAS® IIF Laser Protection System has been considered safe by OSHA as an acceptable form of guarding device for hydraulic press brakes under 29CFR 1910.212 and was developed in response to EN12622, IEC61496, OSHA 1910.212 and ANSI B11.3-2012 for press brake tool safeguarding. This system can provide a safer work environment in a small custom installed retrofit package.

Here are some benefits and features:
• Innovative tooling grid guarding pattern
• Completely foot pedal controlled operation
• UL approved
• CE certified
• Innovative safety technology

– Automated tooling calibration
– Box-shaped part bending feature
– Type 4 patented process control

To find out more about these innovative, safety products and how they can benefit your current machinery needs, call Federal Equipment at (631) 467-9400.

We would love to discuss your machinery needs and goals with you. Federal will always offer you the best equipment to meet your requirements while remaining in your budget.


By Darlene Spielman, Marketing Manager, Federal Equipment